Acura Mdx Years To Avoid

Acura Mdx Years To Avoid

The Acura MDX is a luxury midsize SUV that has experienced tremendous demand. This has led to a two-year delay on the 2022 models being released, as they are in high demand. The “multidimensional luxury” of this vehicle refers to its combination of practicality and luxury features in one package.

Although the Acura MDX is quite popular, there have been some complaints about certain model years over recent years. If you are considering buying an MDX, it’s important to be aware of these potential issues and steer clear of those particular model years. To make sure you purchase a safe and reliable car, I am here to provide guidance and assistance so that you can make well informed decisions when investing in your next vehicle.

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Which Year Models of Used Acura MDX to Avoid?

Acura MDX Years To Avoid (List Of Years)

It is recommended that consumers avoid purchasing any of the Acura MDX models from 2001 to 2005, 2010, 2014, 2016 and 2017. Transmission failure is the most common issue with these vehicles and the 2004 model has more frequent and costly breakdowns due to complete transmission failure. The 2010 model also suffers from an expensive oil consumption issue whilst the 2014 and 2016 have reported early engine difficulties resulting in many customer complaints for this particular year model. It is therefore advised that buyers consider alternative vehicle options when looking for a reliable car.

What Makes These Acura MDX Years Worth Avoiding?

1. Acura MDX 2001 Year Problems

Acura MDX 2001 Year Problems

When Honda introduced the Acura MDX in 2001, they faced an initial issue with customer confidence. In order to regain this confidence, they had to refine and upgrade their first-edition notions. This process was difficult as customers were angry at the issues they faced with the car. According to, some of these included gearbox failure, jerking, torque converter and column shift issues – all of which could be costly for repair or even require replacing of the entire transmission system.

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2. Acura MDX 2002 Year Problems

Acura MDX 2002 Year Problems

The 2001 Acura MDX has been the subject of much criticism due to its gearbox. Common complaints from transmission users include transmission failure, unpredictable shifting, torque converter problems and other issues specific to automatic transmissions. It is estimated that transmission failure typically occurs around 115,000 miles with a repair cost of approximately $4,260 on average. Replacement of the entire transmission is often seen as the best option for those experiencing any one of the abovementioned problems.

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3. Acura MDX 2003 Year Problems

Acura MDX 2003 Year Problems

The NHTSA reported that the 2003 Acura was a model year with more problems than the prior two. Transmission and engine were the two most commonly highlighted areas of concern, with transmission failure, torque converter failure, and reverse gear locking out as the main issues. Additionally, several complaints were lodged about seatbelt and airbag safety; such concerns included seatbelt length, SRS failure to activate when unbuckled, air bag malfunctions and front buckle assembly problems.

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4. Acura MDX 2004 Year Problems

Acura MDX 2004 Year Problems

The 2004 Acura MDX has experienced numerous issues with its gearbox and interior accessories. Reports of transmission problems such as rumble strip noise, grinding noises, and jerky movements have been widely reported by users. Additionally, leather seat splitting, door lock failure to function properly, and blower adjustments malfunctioning are also among the many features that have caused distress amongst consumers.

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5. Acura MDX 2005 Year Problems

Acura MDX 2005 Year Problems

The 2005 Acura model year has seen a significant improvement in the major worries facing consumers. Compared to prior years, far fewer issues have been reported, however transmission failure, anti-freeze leakage into the transmission and vibration and shuddering are still at the top of consumer’s concerns. This indicates that further research is needed for this model year to improve these issues and make sure consumers remain satisfied with their purchase.

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6. Acura MDX 2010 Year Problems

Acura MDX 2010 Year Problems

The 2010 Acura MDX had the most engine difficulties amongst its model year counterparts, as many customers experienced high oil consumption starting at approximately 77,000 miles. As a result of this issue, regular maintenance including oil changes were necessary to keep it running smoothly. Additionally, some users encountered electrical system issues such as battery dying and the replacement battery light turning on during operation. Although not an extensive problem, these inconveniences have caused owners to spend extra money on repairs for just this one component in their vehicle.

7. Acura MDX 2014 Year Problems

Acura MDX 2014 Year Problems

The 2014 Acura MDX has had its share of problems, particularly with the engine, body and paint, as well as brakes. Engine-related complaints include lurching or stalling when accelerating; noise; strange noises at a rough idle and whistling. Many people have also reported paint bubbles on the roof between the windshield and sunroof, as well as rust on one of the doors. The most common issues occur around 34,000 miles into the vehicle’s lifespan. In addition to this are some NHTSA concerns relating to brakes such as rotor warping and difficulties with electronic stability control (ESC).

8. Acura MDX 2016 Year Problems

Acura MDX 2016 Year Problems

This year’s model has been met with dissatisfaction from customers, who have voiced a number of issues compared to the 2017-2020 model years. The majority of customer complaints are centering around the gearbox, which reports indicate is hesitating when accelerating, jerking while shifting and sliding. These reports suggest that this year’s model may not be up to par with its predecessors in terms of quality control.

Which Years Are Safe To Buy Used?

Which Years Are Safe To Buy Used?

The Acura MDX is one of the best five-door SUVs on the market, offering opulent and comfortable rides. For drivers looking for an especially secure model, year models 2006 to 2015 can be a great choice. Looking into earlier versions finds seven distinct revisions of this vehicle with few reported complaints. Those considering more recent models should feel confident that even 2019 and 2020 MDXs have no known issues.

Though there was a single case where a 2018 model died while driving, such incidences are rare and most faults in the 2006 version occur after 150,000 miles at average. The most common problem found in 2007 models is damage to the sunroof; however any other flaws are minimal or easy to fix. A costly timing belt repair was once needed for 2008 but again this appears to be an isolated incident which will not affect your car purchase decision today.

Those opting for 2011 or 2012 vehicles may come across minor issues with their backup camera or garage door opener – though these too can easily be addressed without significant cost or hassle as part of regular maintenance procedures.. Ultimately, all Acura MDXs have very clean records and provide reliable performance when kept up-to-date on service schedules – making them safe bets overall!

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The Acura MDX has had recalls for every model year, but not all are worth avoiding when it comes to buying the vehicle. Certain years of the Acura MDX make for a great investment and can offer reliable safety features. It is important to take into consideration any recall that may have occurred in order to make an informed decision on which Acura MDX will suit your needs best. By following this advice, potential buyers can ensure they are making a sound investment and receive a safe car.

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