Peterbilt 379 Dash Warning Lights

Peterbilt 379 Dash Warning Lights

Many drivers are familiar with the red and yellow warning lights on the side of the Peterbilt 379. But what do Peterbilt 379 Dash Warning Lights mean and how do you know when to use them?

The Peterbilt 379 is a heavy-duty truck that’s been around for many years. Like other trucks of its type, the 379 has several warning lights that can help warn drivers of potential problems.

We’ll take a closer look at each light in this post and explain what they mean. Bottom Line: The Peterbilt 379 dash warning lights are an important part of safety on the road. By understanding their purpose and how to use them, you can avoid accidents and keep yourself and others safe.

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What are Peterbilt 379 Dash Warning Lights?

What are Peterbilt 379 Dash Warning Lights?

The Peterbilt 379 dash warning lights denote various critical engine and systems conditions that must be resolved in order to continue travel. If these warnings remain unaddressed for too long, the truck will eventually stop operating. Here’s a look at each warning light and what it means:

  1. Engine Overheat Warning – This light comes on when the engine overheats, potentially causing damage to the truck and crew. Take action to cool down the engine as soon as possible by turning off auxiliary power, shutting down fans, or opening windows.
  2. Low Fuel Level Warning – This light indicates that there isn’t enough fuel in the tank to complete the trip. Immediately refuel your truck before continuing on your route.
  3. Tires Low Pressure Warning – This light is displayed when one or more of the tires has low air pressure. In order to prevent dangerous driving conditions, seek assistance from a mechanic as soon as possible in order to have all four tires pumped up to proper pressure levels.
  4. Brakes On Warning – This light is displayed when the brakes are applied suddenly, preventing further travel until they have time to cool down. Avoid braking harshly while driving; use caution instead and allow plenty of stopping distance between yourself and other vehicles.
  5. Wiring Fault Warning – If you see this warning light illuminated, it means there’s a problem with one of the truck’s electrical.

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What does the Peterbilt 379 dash warning light mean?

What does the Peterbilt 379 dash warning light mean?

The Peterbilt 379 dash warning light means that the vehicle has experienced a problem and needs to be brought in for service. This could mean anything from a simple maintenance issue to a more serious problem. If you experience this light coming on, it is important to bring your truck in for servicing as soon as possible so that the issue can be resolved and the warning can be turned off.

How do check the Peterbilt 379 dash warning lights?

How do check the Peterbilt 379 dash warning lights?

The Peterbilt 379 dash warning lights may indicate a problem with the vehicle. If one or more of the warning lights are lit, take the vehicle to a mechanic for inspection. The warning lights may also indicate that the vehicle’s airbags are about to deploy. If you do not know what the specific warning light means, consult your owner’s manual.

Fixing the dash warning lights on a Peterbilt 379

When you see a Peterbilt 379 with warning lights on the dashboard, it may be something as simple as a loose connection or a bad light. Fixing them is usually pretty easy, and can save you some time and hassle down the road. Here’s how to fix most of the common dash warning lights on a 379:

  1. Check the ground connection between the warning light switch and the vehicle body. This is usually done by removing the screw that holds the switch in place and tapping on either end of the wire to make sure they’re good connections. If there’s still an issue, replace the wiring harness near the switch.
  2. Make sure all of the connector pins on each warning light are properly seated in their sockets. Sometimes this can be done by gently pushing down on each pin until it clicks into place.
  3. If there’s an intermittent problem with one or more warning lights, check for a bad electrical connection between that light and its corresponding socket on the vehicle body. This can be done by using an ohmmeter to measure resistance between each pin and its socket (or vice versa). Replace any faulty connections with new ones before restarting your truck.

The article “Peterbilt 379 Dash Warning Lights” provides a detailed description of the different warning lights that may be found on a Peterbilt 379 dash. It is important to be aware of these warning lights so that you can take appropriate action when one or more of them are illuminated.

In some cases, the problem may be something as simple as a loose wire, while in other cases it could indicate a more serious issue that needs to be addressed by a qualified technician. By familiarizing yourself with the meaning of each warning light, you can help keep your Peterbilt 379 running smoothly and avoid costly repairs down the road.

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  1. I recently had a chance to drive the Peterbilt 379 and I was really impressed by the warning lights on the dash. They were so clear and easy to read that I could tell at a glance when something was wrong with my truck. It’s great to have such an efficient way of monitoring your vehicle while you’re on the road. Highly recommend this model!